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Pat BaMelach – artisan bread bakery in Gush Etzion

Rosh Tzurim

If you are in Israel, it is nearly impossible to ignore the delicious smell and taste of the bread. Pat BaMelach is an artesian bakery of bread that very unique in appearance. This bakery farm is located in Gush Etzion of Israel.  Not only an opportunity to taste the delicious bread but the farm will offer you a lot more in a heritage set up. It offers you the hands-on workshops on bread making and makes your dream come true by giving you the opportunity to take part in the historical, cultural and educational activities of bread making.  Sounds exciting? Well, the set up must be authentic looking but you will get all the modern facilities here to spend some quality time with your family and kids.


To take part in those thrilling activities you must need to know the man behind all of these. Rabbi David Katz. These workshops are held in the kibbutz Rosh Tzurim. David is the main man behind the brand. He is from Cleveland of Ohio but shifted to Israel 20 years ago. Apart from working in the bakery, he works as a formal or informal educator of different summer camps and classrooms of America and Israel. He has a brilliant talent in sourdough that he found after long years of matzot baking. He has five children and they loved the bread made by their father.


This bakery is a dream project of David and he believes in the hands-on education. Through his bakery and his classes, he offers the same to the guests.

Workshops and activities

Pat BaMelach is renowned bakery farm that offers tasty bread, muffins and lot more to people. They sell the products from the stores and online as well. But the main activity of the farm is the workshops under the supervision of David.


This is 1.5 hours workshop including shaping, rolling, baking and seasoning the bread by using an authentic way of the brick oven and wood fire.

Fresh rolls

This is another 1.5-hour workshop where the participants need to explore the way that how to shape, roll and bake their own rolls and bread.

Bread and Spreads

This is a complete learning workshop where you should learn a sourdough testing of bread by differentiating different types of bread from various types of grains and wheat.


During this 1.5 hour workshop, one can learn to shape, salt, boil and bake the sourdough pretzels.

A crash course of Sourdough

This is especially for the bread lovers and a 3.5 hours long workshop to learn everything about sourdough baking.


Come hungry! A one-hour workshop offers a sourdough bread tasting where participants learn the difference between different types of breads made from various wheats and grains. Breads are dipped in olive oils and other delicious spreads from around the Israeli countryside.

The 1.5-hour hands-on focaccia-baking workshop uses an authentic, wood-fired brick oven as participants divide, shape, season and bake their own focaccias. Brush with olive oil and add toppings and herbs of your choice. While the focaccias are proofing (rising), learn the delicious history behind focaccias and other flatbreads.

The 1.5-hour workshop has participants exploring how to roll, shape and proof dough while they make their own breads and rolls. Add your own personal touch to your breads with herbs and seeds. While the bread is baking learn the secrets behind making the perfect loaf.


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