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Kibbuz Kinneret in Jordan Valley

Kinneret, Israel

Between the dates in the courtyard of the Kinneret Group continues to pulsate the core of history.  A legend that began with the vision of pioneers, members of the kibbutz, who wanted to return to the Land of the Bible the Tamar, a desire that became a dream dream that became reality.

This dream started with 17 pounds in your pocket and a lot of faith on your way to a never-ending journey. Two dreamers, members of the Kinneret group, Ben Zion Israeli and Amram River, armed with the beating spirit of a known date hallist, Shmuel Stoller embarked on a dangerous and secret operation – the operation to restore the date. They traveled between Beirut, Damascus and Iran, between the rivers of the Euphrates and Tigris into Iraq, between perilous dangers and roads until they reached the longed-for avenues, which they smuggled along camels and trucks through enemy lines with only one thing in their hearts – the dream of growing History in the Land of Israel – The return of the Babylonian exile to the land of the Bible.

The groves were planted in the garden of Rachel the poetess and began to grow, as they slowly grow with them the valley on the banks of the Sea of ​​Galilee, raiding to the expanses of the Jordan and spreading the wilderness to Sodom – Tamar returned home.

“To conquer the wilderness is possible with persistence, means, experience and wisdom.”

Ben Zion Yisraeli wrote in one of his travel journals.

Eighty years later, in the yard of Kinneret, the experience and the wisdom brought by the pioneers from their journey continue to be fulfilled daily. The same vision continues on the hill above the Sea of ​​Galilee from the palm groves, packed in boxes, poured into jars containing the taste of the Zionist legend that was realized in the courtyard of the Kinneret group and still thrives in the hearts of its people.

Dates of all varieties, rich in healthy and invigorating ingredients, natural silan and spreads that combine wonderful flavors of halva, nuts and chocolate with pure palm honey – all these are the essence of the dream that began in the hearts of pioneers with an innocent faith and continues to be realized every day in the Kinneret Courtyard.

Because the Kinneret Courtyard is not just a Tamar, it is a history in a jar .


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