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Where to travel in Israel right now? Domestic rural tourism is alive!

Where to travel in Israel right now? Domestic rural tourism is alive!

CoVid2019 could not but touch upon the tourism industry in Israel. Every year, many tourists come to this country to relax at sea, learn more about history and culture of Israel, and see what the local life is like. Let’s see how CoVid influenced the development of tourism in Israel and why rural tourism on the local farms is a great alternative to the vacation abroad!

What is the current situation with CoVid2019 infection and tourism in Israel?

The pandemic situation in Israel is not easy. After the gradual lifting of restrictions in May, the number of cases of CoVid began to grow sharply, and every day more and more cases of diseases were recorded. Therefore, international air traffic was banned, and visits to crowded places were limited for several months. In total, about 80,000 cases of CoVid were registered in Israel. All this time, the country was closed to foreign tourists, and the Israelis themselves were deprived of the opportunity to travel abroad.

In early August, the Israeli government gradually began to open air connections with other countries, but Israelis are wary of traveling abroad and not ready to risk their health for a vacation in other countries. This contributed to the growth of interest in travel within their own country, and the so-called domestic tourism.

Rural tourism is the way

Rural tourism has gained unexpected popularity in Israel, because it involves living on a farm and doing certain agricultural work, immersion in the rural environment and local nature. This is a great opportunity to change the environment and take a break from the noise of the city, diversify your activities, meet new people and, of course, feel the atmosphere of rural life. Isn’t that what you need in such an anxious and stressful time?

Rural farm tourism in Israel can be divided into 3 types:

  • Vacations on farms and kibbutzis mean helping the locals in some kind of agricultural work, for example, harvesting grain, fruit, producing agricultural products and much more! At the same time, you will be hospitably provided with accommodation and fed with delicious local food, which has a special flavor and absolutely differs from restaurant dishes and fast food. For many adults, this is a great opportunity to return to childhood or feel like visiting their grandparents and have a good time.
  • Self-picking activities are a great way to have good time with your family on a farm. You are able to harvest various fruits and berries right from the farm and take home a few containers of your harvest. This is an especially cool vacation for children, because in this way you teach them to work, instill a love of nature and then the whole family can happily taste organic berries and fruits.
  • Workshops on farms can help you learn a new craft and make a good weekend or vacation. You will be able to get acquainted with the basics of organic gardening, harvesting, cheese making, making clothes from natural fabrics and many other activities. Also kids will be able to try themselves as real fishermen, attending a master class on fishing. Choosing this type of vacation, you will definitely not be bored and you will return home with new skills.

Where to go with the family and kids?

The beauty of rural tourism is that you can have a great time in a rural environment with your family, while the children will be involved in interesting works and learn new skills. For example, they will master basic gardening and other agricultural activities. This is a great way to diversify family and children’s recreation, especially when children are used to spending a lot of time in front of the TV and computer. For example, check out The Solar Garden, Kfar Kedem and Ein Gev kibbuz!

How long can such vacation last?

You can choose convenient dates for your pastime on farms or kibbutzis. It doesn’t matter if you want to visit them for the weekend or spend a few days/weeks of vacation, you will be warmly welcomed!

How to book a farm?

Visit our website and use our catalog to find the best vacation spot! Using the filter, you can sort the results by location and type of activity. Choose the farm you like best and start preparing your backpack for an unforgettable and soulful vacation!


Despite all the hardships and anxieties caused by the CoVid19 pandemic, you should not be sad and despondent. Don’t let your vacation go by pointless, and don’t forget to take care of your health!

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