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To Italy by Car

To Italy by Car

Everything what a motorist needs to know about Italy

Of course, you can go to Italy in your car, but we still advise you not to waste precious time on vacation and rent a car in Italy to see this country and visit small non-tourist cities.

Prices for car rental in Italy start from 35 EUR per day for an economy class car. We advise you to rent a car in Italy in large companies, because small ones are often unscrupulous and can “hang” old car damage on you.

Terms of car rental in Italy:

  • The driver must present a passport, driver’s license of the European sample and a credit card in his name.
  • The minimum age of a driver for car rental in Italy is 25 years old (if you are 18-24 years old you can use the service “Young driver”, for which you will have to pay extra 15 EUR per day).
  • Your driving experience must be at least one year.
  • In many large companies at the time of renting a car in Italy, the amount of the deposit will be blocked on your credit card, which will be immediately unblocked subject to the timely return of the car without damage.
  • Also, in most cases, you can pay for rental cars only by credit card.

Features of the Traffic Laws in Italy:

  • In a circular motion, those on the circle have the advantage.
  • Allowable alcohol content in the driver’s blood is 0.5 ppm (about 0.5 liters of beer). Even a slight excess of this norm threatens with a fine of 260 EUR.
  • Talking on the phone while driving is prohibited.
  • All motorways in Italy are paid. Tariffs and payment methods can be viewed here.
  • Speed ​​limits in Italy: 130 km / h – on toll roads, 110 km / h – on roads outside the city, 50 km / h – in populated areas.
  • Parking spaces are marked with wide strips of white.
  • A mandatory reflective vest is required for all drivers. Violation of even such an insignificant rule may attract fines in Italy.

The cost of a liter of gasoline in Italy does not change as rapidly as we do. Therefore, you can focus on current prices for gasoline in Italy at the time of publication: 95 gasoline – 1.60 EUR, 98 gasoline – 1.75 EUR, diesel – 1.45 EUR. You can refuel both independently and with the help of a gas station worker, who will also offer you to wash the windshield. Gas stations in Italy are comfortable stops along the way, where you can have a snack and drink a cup of Italian coffee. The most popular are gas stations with Autogrill and Finigrill.

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